Lucy Update 03 April 2011

We visited the surgeon twice last week: once on Monday for a simple bandage change and again on Thursday to actually speak to the doctor (and have another bandage change). Good news! The bandage is coming off on Tuesday! The infection has cleared up and the blood and urine tests indicate there were no side effects from the super antibiotic; the x-rays look very good; and the large cut on the bottom of the paw has healed nicely. The only issue was the incision site where the plate was removed is still pink and granulated and had apparently rubbed against the inside of the bandage, otherwise it would have been removed already.
We also received the go-ahead to start taking walks again. I had to “okie-improvise” a protective pad on the bottom of the bandage with some duct tape to keep the sidewalks from ripping then bandage material to shreds.

We’re getting close to the finish line now.

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