Happy Birthday Fabi

Fabienne turns ten today* and believes the Independence Day celebrations are in her honor.


* I estimated her birth date to around 4 July 2007. I picked the Fourth as it’s easy to remember.

I guess my dogs really love me

I was working in the yard today and when I came back in the house I turned on the computer to purchase some camping gear from REI before their annual Member’s 20% Off Sale ended. After a while I noticed I had not seen the dogs in the house but I assumed they were in the back yard playing.
Thirty minutes later it dawned on me I had not heard them barking at each other or running in and out of the doggy door so I went to check on them. They enjoy laying in the grass in the back yard on nice afternoons so I was a little surprised when I did not see either of them from the back windows. I went down the steps to the back door and I suddenly realized I left the gate open while doing yard work and it was wide open. The dogs had escaped!

I ran around to the front yard and expected to see the worst (Lucy hit by a car after chasing a squirrel across the street) or at least have to drive around the neighborhood looking for the girls. Instead, I found them laying in the grass in the front yard watching cars drive past the house and generally being awesome doggies. I guess they either decided they love me enough to stay or they didn’t feel like getting jobs to pay for food. Either way, I’m glad they stuck around.